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How many devices can I protect?
CryptoWall supports up to 50+ devices, you can connect a 48-port network switch to expand your port availability.

What's the subscription for?
The subscription enables the advanced security features within the CryptoWall. Without a subscription, your CryptoWall will be remotely disabled. In order to ensure your devices are protected a valid security subscription must be tied to your device.

What’s the difference between CryptoWall & CryptoWall X?
Both devices are exactly the same, the only difference is the added throughput (speed) capability on CryptoWall X. If your Internet connection is faster than 200 Mbps we recommend purchasing CryptoWall X.

What is CryptoWall+ Support?
Your own personal IT team, with CryptoWall+ you'll have unlimited access to a team of IT experts that can help you diagnose networking issues and make advanced configuration changes.

How can I make changes to my settings or WiFi password?
Any change to your CryptoWall must be made over the phone or by email using the same address on file at the time of purchase. 

Can guests use my WiFi?
A dedicated guest VLAN and SSID are pre-configured on your CryptoWall. Just give them the guest password and their traffic will be kept separate while still being fully protected from online threats.

Do I still need virus scanning software on my computer?
No, while additional virus scanning software never hurts it will slow down your computer. You may continue using the built-in Windows Defender Security Center - if you have a Mac no additional software is required.

Can I purchase the wired model and use my own wireless AP?
Yes, CryptoWall is compatible with all wireless AP's.

What are the renewal fees for CryptoWall?
1YR - $499 USD / $599 USD (WiFi model)
3YR - $999 USD / $1099 USD (WiFi model)
5YR - $1499 USD / $1599 USD (WiFi model)

What are the renewal fees for CryptoWall X?
1YR - $549 USD / $699 USD (WiFi model)
3YR - $1049 USD / $1199 USD (WiFi model)
5YR - $1549 USD / $1699 USD (WiFi model)


How fast is the WiFi?
Dual-band, dual-concurrent: 2.4 & 5 GHz 2-stream - 802.11ac and 802.11n, up to 1.2 Gbps. (wireless model only)

Does CryptoWall replace my existing Router?
Yes, if your router also acts as your modem please disable all gateway functions. CryptoWall can also be setup in Passthrough mode if you wish to use your existing configuration.

What's the difference between CryptoWall and CryptoWall mini?
CryptoWall mini offers the same enterprise-grade quality, private VPN, WiFi, 4G failover, and lifetime warranty with the exception of AMP and SNORT functionality if used independently. Mini is designed for remote locations or when travelling to create an automatic VPN tunnel back to your CryptoWall to encrypt traffic and scan for active threats.

Can I protect my mining rigs?
Yes, just replace your existing router with CryptoWall and all of your mining rigs will be protected instantly. No software or installation is necessary and it won't slow down your operation by stealing valuable system resources.

Can I forward ports and assign QoS rules?
Please call or email a CryptoWall rep to make any necessary changes.

How does the warranty work?
The warranty duration is for the lifetime of your device, as long as you have an active security license we will provide next-day replacements in the event of a hardware failure.

Will CryptoWall protect all my computers and wireless devices?
Every device connected to Ethernet or WiFi (wireless model only) will be fully protected. It's important that your modem is set to Bridge-mode so all your devices connect directly to the CryptoWall. 

Can I move CryptoWall?

CryptoWall works anywhere on the planet, just plug your modem into the WAN port and you're good to go. 

Can I renew my subscription after it expires?
Yes, please contact a CryptoWall rep for pricing.

Where are the installation instructions? 
CryptoWall is designed to be plug & play, if you need more information please download our installation guide here