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CryptoWall mini

Big Punch. Small Package.


Small & Powerful.


Meet CryptoWall mini, offering the same enterprise-grade quality but designed to work with CryptoWall when travelling or at remote locations. A powerful cloud managed wireless router, stateful firewall, and private VPN that keeps you safe from hacking, malware, and viruses. You can also use CryptoWall mini independently as a robust wireless router - great for gaming, Netflix, VoIP, or to speed up web browsing.



On-the-Go Security.

Use CryptoWall mini when travelling to securely connect to your CryptoWall so that your data is automatically encrypted and actively scanned for viruses and malware. Connect via wired Ethernet connection or 4G USB Modem to tunnel into your private VPN network. Stay secure even when you're on-the-go.



Secure WiFi

CryptoWall mini features ultra-secure WiFi by creating unique passwords that utilize a potent cocktail of AES-256 encryption and PBKDF2 key derivation. Take advantage of dual SSID's on isolated VLANs to keep your guest's traffic separate from yours.


Private VPN

Allow remote devices to securely access websites, files, and services on your network through an encrypted tunnel over the Internet ensuring your information is never exposed to the outside world. CryptoWall's private VPN takes a few seconds to setup and works for all devices that support the L2TP tunneling protocol. 


Content Filtering

CryptoWall's sophisticated content filtering enables you to enjoy the benefits of the Internet while remaining protected from inappropriate or harmful content, You can even request to have certain content blocked to keep your family and guests safe.


Firmware Updates

Automatic firmware updates are deployed to every CryptoWall while you sleep. Take advantage of new stability and performance tweaks without lifting a finger - all updates are free for the lifetime of your device.


Traffic Shaping

Optimize your network by creating shaping policies to apply per-user controls on a per-application basis. This allows you to reduce bandwidth for recreational applications such as peer-to-peer file sharing programs, and to prioritize bandwidth for your essential applications.


4G Cellular Failover

CryptoWall mini supports dual WAN uplinks with seamless, automatic failover. The CryptoWall's built-in traffic prioritization engine redirects flows ensuring smooth network operation. Supported uplinks include gigabit Ethernet and 4G cellular.


Lifetime Warranty

Every CryptoWall order includes a lifetime hardware warranty that provides next-day advance hardware replacement. We’re also covering all associated costs – a first in the industry. Free shipping & returns.


CryptoWall mini
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